In 1968, fifteen years before the Mac, Doug Engelbart invented the computer mouse. It​’s companion was the five-key keyset (aka “chorded keyboard”). Engelbart designed ​the keyset​ for the left hand to enter commands or text while the right hand points and clicks with a three-button mouse. It allowed them to work with much greater speed and efficiency than was possible with only a mouse and QWERTY keyboard. So why did the keyset never take off like the rest of Doug’s inventions (which included hyperlinks, video conferencing, collaboration tools, digital text editing, and many more technologies in use today)? In this episode we consider the tradeoffs between “user-friendly” and “complicated” designs by talking to Engelbart’s daughter – Christina Engelbart and Apple Computer’s former VP and Chief Scientist – Larry Tesler.

99% Invisible - Of Mice and Men